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Do something drastic, 

Cut the plastic!

For the rest, we will recycle it!
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Welcome to 

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India's Leading Integrated Recycling Company

Welcome to Earthbox. We are India's Leading Integrated Waste Management company built to ensure that the waste ecosystem is sustainable and commercially viable and all the stakeholders are benefited from their association

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Waste Collection


Recycling Service

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Consulting Service

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Sustainablity Solutions

We are a one stop shop for all your recycling needs

  • Zero Waste Industries/Communities 

  • Source Segregation of Waste - 3 Bins


In Situ Composting

Hazardous and Bio Waste Incineration

Recycling of Dry Waste

Our Dry Recycling  Portfolio

We also handle Hazardous Waste

Our processes are robust to ensure safe disposal of all types of Hazardous waste 



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Our Current Presence

  • Reach in 120 other cities through our own network and logistics partners

  • Tieup with multiple rag pickers, kabadiwaals  in each city

  • Source collection through our tieups with corporates, institutions and communities

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The Earthbox Advantage

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With Years of experience behind us, we are adept to meet your requirements across India

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We cover the spectrum of services to ensure that we are the partner for you to meet all your needs

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We work with our partners to ensure that you are getting the best cost in the market for your waste

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We offer the best in class service and we are quick to respond to your needs and ensure you are happy

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Our Growing Customer Base

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Ready to embark on your green journey with us?

Do reach out to us and we will be happy to collaborate and partner to meet your business objectives.

or simply write to us at


Remember, waste is not waste till we waste it! 

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